Happy Humpday, everybody!

It’s time again for Thrifted or Grifted, the fashion game where you test your thrifting savvy by deciding whether an outfit is:

100% Thrifted: (adj.)—previously loved and therefore ridiculously cheap…aka Secondhand


100% Grifted: (adj.)—swindled or cheated…aka Retail

(Disclaimer: No, I don’t actually think that you’re getting ripped off every time you pay retail, but I do believe that if you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it).

So, do you think it’s:

Exhibit A




Exhibit BIMG_7517




Okay, folks. Hit it!

Which outfit is 100% thrifted? Don’t forget to leave me a comment explaining your reason for choosing what you did (either a real reason or a silly one…I’m good with either) if you want to be automatically entered into the giveaway of your choice. The commenter whose explanation I like most will receive 5 free entries into the Lisa Leonard Designs giveaway (unless you prefer The September Giveaway, in which case, you can let me know when you win ; )).

I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday! I have something fun to announce tomorrow for Five Things Thursday.

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  1. It was really hard to choose. Okay… So I choose outfit #1 as being thrifted because…. being a self proclaimed thriftaholic myself I always find cuter stuff at the thrift store than at retail stores. I personally thought outfit #2 was way cuter than #1…. so thats that.

  2. I voted for A cuz I saw those pumps at GW this week……haha! just kidding 🙂 I did get in some thrifting time w/o the kids and got some great deals! Got some brown leather Bandolino knee high boots for fall – only $15 at a local consignment store….thanks to your inspiration!

  3. I went with B because I’m a follower and I thought the shoes looked like a previous post. Plus, I’ve guessed wrong every week, so this time I went with the one I liked best!

  4. A is 100% thrifted….. unless it’s actually B but it only looks A, and you’re trying to trick us, then I don’t know! But I’m going with A.

  5. I went with B because I liked it better. And I just want to say, while your arms look great (yes, I’m referencing the previous comment), did you see your tiny little waist in the move it monday post?

  6. I vote for B because Camel (shoes in A) is the new fall color. I have a few shirts from a year or two ago with the elastic waist (B) so that makes me think it is thrifted. You look great! Check out those arms!! “A frame”. LOL!

  7. I’m going with A solely based on the shoes. Well, mainly the shoes because I do find a lot of great belts at the thrift and never buy them retail, so the belt could give it away, too.

    I love the shorts in both outfits.

  8. I like outfit B better, so i chose A as thrifted. Although i’m questioning my reasoning considering I LOVE fabulous thrifted finds. Maybe I voted wrong. Hmph.

  9. I’m going with exhibit A. I must be getting good at this because this was the FIRST time I voted in the majority. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the majority is right, but hey – I’m feeling better about my not-so-amazing fashion sense.

    I went with A because of the shoes. Quite honestly they look like shoes that I would have bought at GW back in the ol’ dress up like a princess days. Don’t worry – that was twenty years ago. But since flesh colored high heels are so prevalent at GW (do they breed there or something?) I had to go with A.

  10. Hi: I’m a new follower to your blog (and the other one). Love all your posts! You always look so amazing. (and so inspirational for those of us with young kids who don’t make time for the gym….). I think that A is thrifted because I can’t believe that you would buy that red shirt with a tie at retail–it had to have been $3 or less. And the shoes and belt in A just look like something at my GW. Overall, B is cuter on you and the top in outfit B is way more flattering!

  11. I chose B because it is much more unique. Retail must appease the masses, but Goodwill is, generally, about individual taste.

  12. hmm. my answer is very scientific. i voted for b because i like it best and hope that the thrifted one. your blog is awesome by the way. so glad i just found it.

  13. I voted for B because … um … I think you look much more stylish in outfit B and I’m betting that you’re trying to pull a fast one here. The shorts are more flattering in B, the shoes are hip and trendy, the top is cute cute cute. Yep. I am a big fan of outfit B … so I’m guessing it’s thrifted because you are just so dang GOOD at the whole thrifty gig!

  14. Man, you have great legs! The more I work out, the bigger my calves get. I inherited my dad’s big, muscular calves, which definitely look much better on a man, but I guess I shouldn’t complain!

    Anyway, I voted for version A because it looks higher-end, and I end up getting much higher-end clothes when I shop at Goodwill than I can afford at full price (or even on sale).

  15. I chose A because the shirt in B is just adorable…and who would give such a great shirt to the thrift store? Not that I don’t like the shirt in A…totally do!

  16. 1st let me say..you are absolutely gorgeous! I say the 1st outfit is thrifted, I guess because of the style of the top? I love both outfits! You’ve been my inspiration to shop thrift and my bestie and I are having a blast looking for the deals!!

  17. I think A is thrifted because the shoes look a tad bit big. I also think the top in B is soooo you that I think you’d consider paying retail for it.
    Julie Rials

  18. I chose A as thrifted because the gladiator sandals seemed more current than the nude pumps. Also I feel like you’re trying to trick us with the top in B to make us think it;s thrifted because it’s a tad baggy/frumpy. (But of course you look darling in everything!)

  19. I chose A as thrifted, but honestly couldn’t tell you for sure – hey wait – isn’t that the point? Have a great day!

  20. I can never tell which is thrifted vs grifted, so it’s a total crap shoot when I vote. HAHA. I picked outfit A as the Thrifted, mainly because my initial response was B and I’m always wrong.

  21. I voted for A being thrifted because I would be disheartened to know you know found such awesome shoes (in B) in Goodwill because I never seem to find such cool shoes there.

  22. Ok, I voted for B. It’s something about the shorts, but I can’t really explain it and I am not nearly as sure as I was all the other times.

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