I’ve been noodling around the title of today’s post for days now…because I’m a geek and a word-lover like that.

Warning: Mildly incoherent pregnant rambling about to commence.

Okay, so you know how sometimes you have a half-formed thought, but you never take the time to fully analyze it, so it just keeps tickling the back of your brain until you actually sit down and think it through?


Okay, so maybe that’s just me.

But either way, I had a half-formed title about “stripes” and “colors” floating around my barely conscious (the technical term for the layer of consciousness right above your subconscious, I’m pretty sure), and it was just sooooooo familiar, but I couldn’t place it quite.

Until I sat down and typed it.

And realized that it’s a Wizard of Oz reference (the actual phrase is: “a horse of a different color”)…only my brain had been filtering it as a Wizard of Oz reference via a Gilmore Girls episode, in which a character uses the phrase and then explains its significance as a WOO reference.

I’m not entirely sure why I just subjected you guys to the backstory of my post title, but I just wanted you to know that the mental sigh of relief I experienced when I actually managed to put all that together was extremely satisfying.

So…thanks, guys!

I mean, it’s kind of because of you that I had to ponder such a crucial issue in the first place, but since I did contemplate it, I’m sure glad that I had to follow it up with the actual blog post that cleared out all those mental cobwebs, or I’m pretty sure I would have had a “horse/stripe of a different color” brain-itch for the rest of my life.


Anybody else ready to move on to the actual reason I chose the title?

Thought so.

So…I wore a lot of stripes this past week (bet you’d already figured that out).

You’d think with this expanding belly of mine, I’d be shying away from the widening influence of horizontal stripes.

But nope!

In fact, I seem to be gravitating towards them…in not one, but three different shades.

First up:



{Striped top and floral flats – Old Navy, $12 for both; Jeans – GW/BCBG, $5}

I realize my expression is rather ridiculous in the above picture, but I just like that it proves that my children come by their dimples naturally. I’m just glad they don’t have to pinch their lips together to make them show up.


Next up:



I’m terrible about taking pictures in the classic posed pregnant side-shot, so this is the best you’re getting, I’m afraid. (Don’t I look thrilled?)

Almost 35-weeks-pregnant with twins…and counting. Holy Moly.


This will definitely be the last time I wear these jeans this pregnancy. They a pre-preggo pair that are usually loose and button really low, but I put them on for 10 minutes, took a picture, realized just how stinkin’ uncomfortable they were, and immediately took them off (with hopes that one of my girls doesn’t come out with a button-imprint on her noggin).


{Top: Motherhood, $10, Jeans, Sang Real, a yay-all-the-baby-weight-is-gone purchase after baby #2}

This picture just cracked me up. I think I’m admonishing an underwear-only clad 4 1/2-year-old to wait just a second longer while Mama finishes posing. : )

The extreme discomfort from the jeans led to a quick wardrobe change, which leads up to our stripe of yet another color:



{Dress: Old Navy, $25, bag: GW, $3}

I’ve had my eye on a striped maxi for a while, so when I found this one all by its lonesome at ON, I snapped it up, even though it was $25…on sale.

Of course, when I got home, I discovered why it had been the lone survivor of an apparent run on striped maxis—a small, dark brown stain on each side of the skirt.

I lathered on the Shout, soaked it in the bathroom sink, hand-scrubbed…the whole 9 yards (of striped fabric)…

But, even though I managed to lighten them, I never got the marks out completely.

(Though, obviously I was successful enough that I was willing to wear it in a my-jeans-don’t-fit-anymore-and-I-need-to-get-out-the-door bind).

So…any suggestions from you brilliant stain-fighters would be much appreciated.

Because I pretty much love the dress, and I’ve already worn it, so returning it isn’t exactly an option.

Did I mention it’s really comfortable?

And I like stripes.

The End.

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  1. Honest diapers have the best price I could get for size 3 diapers. Even though it is slightly costlier than some, it saved me on the taxes. I considered cruizers too, but opted for the dry diapers. I don’t particularly see the difference between the two.

  2. Have you tried Shout for “set in stains”? If it will take out baby poo stains… Just sayin’.

    Also, my tired mama brain read your BCBG jeans as “BCBS”…as in Blue Cross Blue Shield. Hahaha

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