Gone are the days when I can do photo-shoots with the twins and get both of them looking at the camera and smiling.

Case in point: when I tried to get some shots of them in their birthday outfits, this is the closest I got to twin-baby-picture-perfection. Adorable? Yes. What I was going for? Not exactly?


(Isn’t Evy’s single-toothed little grin the cutest?)

In fact, out of approximately 150 shots, with three little hindrances assistants standing in the background (when they weren’t sticking their toes, bums, or elbows in the foreground, that is) distracting the girls, multiple stops for Greek yogurt bribes, and the bringing of several different rounds of toys, the girls mostly just wanted to do this:


Yup. Hightail it away from the camera. (Good thing the rear view is pretty cute too, huh?)


Either that, or drink their sorrows away.


Only to burst into tears upon discovering that I hadn’t even supplied their glasses with water, much less Mama Milk.

They perked up considerably when we showered them with plastic Easter eggs.



But even those got old after a while.


In the end, though, everyone (including Mama) recovered (or, at the very least, resorted to sucking their fingers)…   IMG_7155

…and the future looked somewhat hopeful. (Which is to say that yet another round of food seemed forthcoming).

By the way, if you’re wondering about their outfits, I bought the tulle for their tutus, the ribbon for the embellishments, and the rosettes for their headbands at Hobby Lobby—most of it for 50% off.  The headbands were a cinch since all I did was hot glue a little elastic to the length of rosettes (they were all in one long line like ribbon), sized to fit the twins’ heads. The tutus were easy too, if a bit time-consuming (Shaun and I worked on one each while watching episodes of Elementary at night), employing the same method we used to make Della’s for her first birthday.

As for the onesies, well, they’re pretty darn easy too, but I’ll be showing you how I made those another day.

Now I’d love to know…any full-proof tips for getting babies to smile (or at least look) at the camera? It seems like one is always in a great mood, and the other is tired and cranky when it comes picture time. (I’m pretty sure they’re plotting against me).

And can we all just take a moment to agree that I have most beautiful identical twin daughters on the planet? Oops. I might have just started a fight.


  1. They are just precious!! Can’t believe how big they are!! I can’t even imagine how hard it is to get them to both look & smile. I always have a hard time with just one. I’ve seen those camera lens toys that are like on a scrunchie that you put around the lens to get them to look. Have no idea if they work or not, but I think the luster would wear off pretty quick. I’ve had mild success with puppets. I’ve even stuck a puppet on a broom handle and played with the kids with it and then pulled it away quickly and tried to snap a shot. It gets MUCH harder when they get mobile cuz then they just want to chase the puppet 🙂 The pics will be priceless when they are 16….won’t matter if they are both smiling/looking or not!

  2. They are really, really cute! I have 8 myself, but no twins. It looks crazy and fun! I have to say it again, they are so cute! Love all the pictures of them.

  3. Actually, I’d agree…most beautiful twin daughters, however for singles, I think my babies and grandbabies were pretty beautiful.

  4. Even now, 8 years after the first baby photos, I have awesome success with the turkey-gobble. Yeah, I know. Make a silly face and gobble like a turkey…whoda thunk it?

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