I’ve said it before, but as far as getting things done around here, there’s nothing better than a party for motivation. Projects that I can ignore for ages suddenly take center stage, and I miraculously find the time to get to them.

Of course, then there are the times that I do things like redecorate the living room when I should be making birthday cake.


I got an itch a while back to see what the blue chevron rug from our “big room” upstairs might look like in the living room.


My husband’s not the biggest fan, but I kind of like it, so it’ll probably stay…at least for a little while.


I also pilfered some pillows from upstairs, stole the lamps from our bedroom, and accessorized with my Anthro candlestick knock-offs and some $6 baskets from Hobby Lobby.



I found this fun, ribbon-striped pillow at Urban Outfitters for $10 on clearance (they might still have it in their sale section).


And this bird pillow at Marshall’s for $15 (my husband, who is completely baffled by my throw-pillow obsession, is shaking his head in disbelief at the moment).


I managed to kill my plant (a hearty ivy who tried her best but ultimately succumbed to remaining unwatered for a straight month) from my last shelf configuration, so I replaced her with a hopefully even more resilient succulent.



I ended up keeping the Marshall’s family rules, even if they aren’t the most accurate representations of our attitudes and actions ever at all times.


I did some shelf tweaking on the other side of the room as well, adding a glitter pumpkin from Walmart as a nod to fall.


And then I set out my Goodwill Anthroesque tray as a pretty catch-all for the jewelry I have a bad habit of shedding before I ever make it upstairs to our room.


Wanna take one more gander at the changes?


(You can see the original living room reveal here).

What do you think? Should the chevron rug stay?

Any questions about sources? I’ll be glad to answer them tomorrow.


  1. I love the curtains so much and have looked everywhere for the fabric. Fabric.com and many other places that I’ve looked don’t have it. Please help!

  2. Where did you purchase the curtains? I love the color scheme of the room–looking to do something similar for the bedroom. 🙂

  3. Hi! I love your use of color in this space. It is so refreshing and youthful feeling. I pinned it on Pinterest around when this post was done & wanted to pass on to you that over 300 people have re-pinned it since!

    I am not sure if you have a way to see that data already, but thought you should know that this design resonates with so many! Nicely done!

  4. Just gorgeous! Love all the little changes which add up to a fun cheery room! You definitely have a knack for decorating. I feel like if I tried to copy it mine would look like a crazy circus gone bad…..lol! But yours looks like a pic from BHG magazine…..way to rock it!

  5. I have that same grey couch in my reading room — and I was going to cover up the grey and white swirly pillows that came with it, but now that I’ve seen yours with your other brightly colored pillows…I may change my mind!

    Oh, and keep the rug! Super jealous. 🙂

  6. I love all the color in that room, especially the red curtains. They just make the room so cheery. Also, in love with the fun copy of Pride and Prejudice up on your shelf…totally jealous!

    1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I have seen the bird pillow at Marshall’s/TJ Maxx too!! I agree with Lindsay, I too especially love the red curtains!!

    2. The Pride and Prejudice (and all the other pretty books) are from Barnes and Nobles leatherbound classic. You can get them online, and they’re actually pretty darn affordable.

  7. I had doubts about pulling this together but when I saw the completed room I knew you had given this a magic, colorful, tasteful touch. Curtains should stay, rug should stay put till you decide otherwise…you have so many fans and we love watching your wonderful family and seeing your blogs. I am a grandmother, love the stories….takes me back. Blessings on you all. Am also an identical twin..we are also 75 ..this month., Indiana reader.

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