Y’all are awesome. I just have to say it.  For many reasons. But, just off the top of my head, two are:

1) You are really funny and quite good writers. Seriously. You’re leaving me comments about your black/green/brown thumbs, and I am just rolling over here! Thanks for the pick-me-up!

2) Most of you are black thumbs. And this makes me heart you BIG TIME. Because we all know that finding out other people are bad at things too is the fastest way to boost your affection for each other.

So, have you weighed in yet? Just by subscribing and telling me about your ability/lack thereof to keep a plant alive, you’ll be entered to win $75 from Lisa Leonard Designs as part of our…


Which brings us to Day 2!

But first, a story:

As I charged through the Charlotte, North Carolina airport after Allume, intent on catching my flight to Dallas for a hot lunch date with my husband, I noticed a girl with a long blonde ponytail who looked familiar. She was lugging her carryon in her right hand and clutching a big, gorgeous chalkboard art print in her left.

I caught up with her and asked about the print and discovered that, sure enough, she had bought it at Allume. We hadn’t met there, but as we walked and talked, I found out that she was a blogger-turned-Noonday-ambassador and that she had two children and THEN a set of identical girl twins (sound familiar?). It was such a lovely little unexpected encounter on a hectic day. A definite God thing.

So, I was thrilled when she contacted me so I could hop over to her blog and check out her little cutie-pies. And THEN she connected me with Noonday’s publicity girl, Nicole, who was nice enough to offer their African Sunset Necklace for today’s giveaway.

african sunset

Ain’t she a beaut? The African Sunset Necklace is made by Noonday artisans from Uganda and features hammered gold loops strung with hand-rolled paper beads in autumn shades of mustard, cobalt, and eggplant. It retails for $68. Me likey. Me wantey.

If you’re not familiar with Noonday, you can hop over to their site or read my Ruth necklace story. Suffice it to say that they offer earrings that encourage and hats that help heal. And so much more. They are all about creating avenues of hope that pave the way to freedom for women and children in slavery and poverty. Now, that’s my style!

Here are a few of my faves from their site:

noonday collage


If you see something you can’t live without and can’t wait to find out if you won, be sure to use this link to order (it gives Shannon credit for your purchase, and I’d love to give her a thank you for hooking us up with today’s giveaway!).

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  1. I am a long-time subscriber. When I take my jewelry off it usually ends up on my bathroom counter. I have a cute wooden box my hubby gave me for Christmas one year that I pile my jewelry in. When everything gets tangled up I finally move it all to my jewelry box and start again.

  2. When I take my jewelry off, it usually ends up back where is took it from, in a drawer or hanging storage. Unless I’m already in bed when I realized I never took it off, then on my nightstand!

  3. I don’t have very much jewelry. When I take it off it all ends up jumbled together in a smallish cardboard box that one necklace came in 11 years ago.

  4. I’m a subscriber!
    My jewelry ends up EVERYwhere! Dresser, night stand, coffee table, dining room table, bathroom counter, purse, kitchen counter and on occasion back into the hanging jewelry organizers in my closet.

  5. I subscribed. I love this type of jewelry. My jewelry ends up in the bathroom drawer of our vanity. Then I put it away the next day and pick something else out.

  6. subscribed!
    my ring usually ends up above the kitchen sink on the sill and my three pair of earrings back in their basket. super exciting, i know 🙂

  7. i don’t wear jewely often. earrings usually end up in the ashtray/change drawer in my car. then when I clean my car out I put them away. (they make my ears itch and hurt. nothing like being allergic to GOLD. ugh) but inside i’m pretty good about putting things in my jewelry box. except, again, earrings. which end up in my nightstand drawer if i managed to wear them all the way thru the event and back into the house…. truthfully, i carry a tiny zipper pouch in my purse JUST for taking my earrings off if I find they just won’t make it until after the event. And yes, even SS stems do my ears in. Don’t know what it is… it’s always been that way though. my ear lobes swell and itch and ache, then get all goopy inside the ear ring hole for a week or so after.

  8. I always put my jewelry where it goes, otherwise I’d never remember where I put it! 🙂
    I’m subscribed.
    Tara H

  9. On my dresser ready to be put back on in the morning – I’m so boring with one of the same two pairs of earrings each day.

  10. I have subscribed, and “When I take my jewelry off, it usually ends up on my dresser until I can get it put away in my jewelry organizer”

  11. It usually ends up in a pile on my dresser until I take the time to put it where it belongs, which always takes so much longer than if I would have just put it away to begin with.

  12. jewelry usually ends up on my nightstand until hubby picks it up and puts it back in my jewelry box on the dresser. love. him.

  13. It had taken several years to get in the habit & I have spent many hours looking for lost jewelry but I can now say it end up in the jewelry box

  14. I subscribe. I take my jewelry off and put it on the bathroom counter in a cute little bowl one of my boys made in school. Made just for me.

  15. When I take my jewelry off it ends up on my bedside table or the bathroom counter (ironically, next to the cute jewelry holder that I have but rarely use). I’m a subscriber.

  16. I have subscribed. I have a very cute jewelry box where things are supposed to go……. But when I take off my jewelry it usually ends up on my dresser. Close enough, right? 🙂

  17. Well my jewelry is supposed to be put back in it’s place on my dresser but more often then not it’s sitting on the end table next to the sofa at the end of the day. My 11th month old just might break that habit yet tho.

  18. I am a subscriber. When I take my jewelry off, it usually ends up…hidden by my husband. It never fails…if he sees that I have taken off my wedding set he hides them. Silly man!

  19. When I take my jewelry off, it usually ends up on my jewelry rack in my closet, because if it doesn’t I don’t find it again for at least a month. Either my little girls take it or I can never remember where I have put it.

  20. I am a subscriber and I don’t have much jewelry – yet, but when I take it off it’s the one thing that I actually put away! It’s pretty much a miracle.

  21. I subscribed to your blog 🙂 I have a wire birdcage rack that I hang my necklaces on, a glove mold that holds rings/bracelets and divided trays in a drawer for everything else. But MOSTLY I toss stuff into a small pottery dish on the bathroom counter until I get organized.

  22. Subscriber. I try to take my jewelry off near my jewelry box, otherwise it is where I took it off last. With three little boys under 7 that means it could end up anywhere. Or it is in my hubby’s pocket:)!

  23. I’m a subscriber! On a tray I have on my dresser or in my jewelry box. It is actually fairly organized which is really rare for me 🙂

  24. My Jewelry always ends up in my kitchen counter as I take it off before making dinner ( I almost set a dangly paper necklace on fire once ! ) Btw, Shannon sent me! She is an amazing friend of mine and got me started on Noonday! I love it! 🙂

  25. I am a subscriber. When I take my jewelry off it usually ends up…well, in my jewelry box. I know, it’s so boring and predictable, but guess what I NEVER lose.

  26. When I take my jewelry off, it only goes on my dresser on a special jewelry tree. My wedding & engagement rings along with my mother’s wedding band (who passed away when I was two) are the only jewelry that I wear every single day. It would destroy me if any of them was ever lost so I’m ultra careful where I put them.

  27. I already get emails. My jewelry gets put away:) My hubby got me a beautiful set of jewelry boxes last Christmas and I have a set of hooks on the wall (from Hobby Lobby) that I use to hang my necklaces…..I always put my stuff away! It looks so pretty hanging on the wall.

  28. Already a subscriber and when my jewelry comes off it usually ends up (much to my husbands dismay) whatever flat surface I’m closest too. This makes for a fun morning scavenger hunt when I’m getting ready for work and can’t seem to find those earrings!

  29. Subscriber. When I take my jewelry off, it usually ends up on my nightstand. If I’m good, it ends up in a little vintage dish that I picked up at a yard sale!

  30. When I take my jewelry off it ends up on my dresser. I have a few jewelry boxes but truth be told it lands on the dresser.

  31. My jewelry goes on my new DIY jewelry board. Fabric wrapped cork board with a scrappy fabric wrapped frame. love it! Already a subscriber to your blog btw. Thanks for a great giveaway week!

  32. Subscribed via Bloglovin & Feedburner. 🙂 When I take my jewelry off, it usually ends up…in a heap on my dresser, over a shameful layer of dust! Tsk tsk.

  33. I’m already a subscriber! My jewelry ends up <i?on top of my jewelry box. It’s just so much more trouble to actually open it and put my jewelry inside!

  34. I subscribed. Have followed you on IG for awhile and finally came to ur blog. LOVE it! I have twins too (ahh!). I usually put it right away in my box if not they disappear!!

  35. When I take my jewelry off there’s no telling where it ends up.
    Sometimes I’m out and slip it into my purse/wallet. If I’m in the car I can usually find some random pieces in the console. At home I’ve got a tray in the bedroom to keep it on, but more often it’s scattered on the bathroom counter before a shower and not moved again until I look for it to wear.

  36. I subscribed earlier today. When I take my jewelry off, it usually ends up on the kitchen counter. That is where I enter my house so the diaper bag, my shoes, jewelry, jackets and everything else end up! Ha!

  37. When I take my jewelry off… it goes straight back to the jewelry box, otherwise it gets lost forever. Or tangled up with the miscellany trapping my keys in the abyss that is my purse and found later… “Ooo! I like this one… I wondered where it had ended up!” I’ve learned my lesson.

  38. When I take my jewelery off it usually ends up in my anthropologie egg dish that I got from a white elephant gift exchange…woohoo!

  39. When I take my jewelry off, it usually ends up in my daughter’s mouth because I’m usually taking it off to give to her because she won’t stop chewing on it.

  40. Totally subscribed yesterday. So when I take my jewelry off it stays wherever I was at that point in time. This is super helpful, as you can imagine, because I just have piles (stations if you will) throughout the house for my perusing pleasure. This may or may not be why I can’t remember important information like my children’s birth dates because I’m too busy remembering that one of my pearl earrings is in the cup holder in my husband’s car and the other is in the money pouch of my wallet.

  41. Sometimes it goes on the bathroom cabinet. Usually necklaces hang on my bedroom wall, ceramic butterfly on my dresser holds everything else.

  42. I subscribed yesterday! And when I take my jewelry off, it usually ends up on my dresser. Right smack in the middle of it, though, so when I come back to my dresser later, I’ll see it and actually put it away in it’s designated place (about half an arm’s length from the middle of my dresser, usually). I’m just too lazy to put it away initially.

  43. If I take my jewelry off anywhere but in my bedroom, it usually ends up on my two-year-old daughter. She can find jewelry anywhere and abduct it pretty quickly. Otherwise, it goes in my jewelry box. 🙂

  44. usually ends up in a small container meant for office supplies that is sitting on my desk at home! eventually i sort through things and hang them back up in my closet where they belong

  45. I subscribe. I finally have a jewelry storage system that works! I found a shadow box frame that opens from the front in which I hang my necklaces. A (clean!) birdbath holds my bracelets and I have a ceramic egg dish that holds rings and earrings. All three items are close together and share a space with photos of my girls and a plant.

  46. I wish I could say that it ends up in my beautiful jewelry armoire that I scored on Craigslist, but alas, it ends up on the top of said armoire in a pile. Then I get really annoyed and reorganize it while vowing to keep it organized…hmmm…time to go and tackle that pile again. 🙂

  47. My jewelry ends up all over my dresser, where I precede to knock it either behind the giant 50 lb beast, into the drawers, or, worst of all, into the abyss that is within the dresser itself. I really should get crafting on a way to wrangle it all in!

I love hearing from you guys!