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I’ve got another great one for you at the end of this post. But first…I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.


I bought this striped dress at Marshall’s for $10 a while back, and then it just sat in my closet while I tried to figure out how to style it. I mean the obvious answer was more black or maybe a cardigan with a bright color to make it pop. But I didn’t want the obvious answer, partly because this isn’t a completely obvious dress. Yes, it’s black and white stripes which seems classic and simple, but the stripes sort of go this way and that, like a weird skirt puzzle, and it’s a fit and flare, swingy silhouette, which felt more carefree than classic to me.


{Isn’t my toddler ponytail just the cutest?? Ahem}

So, I decided to go with something more bohemian, with my trusty J. Crew jeans jacket, colorful leather jewelry, a wide suede belt ($1 from Goodwill) and suede wedge boots.


I’m not usually a floral headband kind of girl, but I loved the slight edge that the leather gave this particular version.


And don’t even get me started on how much I love this cuff. I’ve been eyeing Lopa designs for a long time but had never bought anything until I bid on and won that bracelet (and the matching headband plus two other bracelets) at an auction for Parental Care Ministries. I was so excited to be able to donate money to such a dear cause to my heart (you can read some  of my favorite posts I’ve written about this incredible ministry here, here, here, and here) AND bring home some gorgeous jewelry that is so very me. I’ve worn some piece of it or another practically every day since I got it.


P.S. Did you know we have a pond (two, actually) on our property? Neither did we, really, until they finally filled up and stayed that way for longer than two seconds (we had the first one dug before we built our house, but it’s never held water properly until we finally redid it this year).


We also have an abundance of autumn leaves in pretty dappled shades of crimson and goldenrod. Who wants to rake your yard when the leaves are this pretty?

ANYhoo…I kind of love how my stripey bohemian look turned out. But I would love it even more if I could accessorize with some of these goodies:


wet bag/scarf/tiny pouch/foldover clutch

All of the above come from the shop of the crazy-talented, ridiculously nice Lindsey Cheney of The Pleated Poppy. I adore everything she makes, but—I have to say it—that black/white striped foldover clutch has my heart (that was for the benefit of anyone who reads my blog and buys me Christmas presents :)).

So, I’m guessing that you’ve already figured out that I’m highlighting Lindsey’s great shop because we’re teaming up to give you a chance to win something!

You’re so smart! Because that’s exactly what’s happening!

Today, you get the chance to win $75 to The Pleated Poppy. That will buy you at least one of something (potentially several somethings) from her fantastic shop, and it should put a big ol’ smile on our winner’s face. (Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but winning free stuff from blogs?…It comes pretty close…Just sayin’).

All you have to do to enter (this should look familiar) is complete 2 easy steps (Or 3, if you want extra entries)

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  1. Ha! Pocketbook…I’m going with that answer since that’s what my (just turned) 39 year old husband calls it! EVERY.TIME. 🙂

  2. I’m a subscriber. I lug all my stuff around in a purse…and the when that is too full I lug it around in a purse + a tote bag :). Let’s just say I pack heavy.

  3. i lug my stuff in a Vera Bradley messenger bag my mom bought me a few years ago… along with the matching duffel (which I use when traveling) and purse ( which i also use sometimes when I’m using the messenger as a laptop bag… )

  4. I lug my stuff around in a small-ish purse – my husband hates huge purses, so I try to keep it small. Now that my twins are potty-trained, I love keeping the rest of the stuff in the van in case of emergency and traveling a bit lighter at last.

  5. I’m already subscribed…

    I lug all my stuff around in a large keyper Fossil bag with birds all over it….it’s by far my favorite bag I’ve ever carried. Evidence is that I haven’t felt the need to buy a new purse since last year which is extreme for me!

  6. I haul all my stuff around in my tiny little purse. . .and the front seat of my car. . . and if I find a great estate sale or thrift store, I load the trunk too! 🙂

  7. I lug all my stuff around in my brown leather purse. It gets so heavy and full of junk! I empty it out every few months and it’s only a week before it’s overflowing again.

  8. I subscribed. I lug my stuff around in a 10 year old Wilson’s Leather bag. It’s huge and kind of icky at this point.

  9. I lug all my stuff around in my purse…it is disgusting and falling apart! I sure could use a bag from the Pleated Poppy!

  10. I subscribed. I lug my stuff around in am old bag with lots of pockets. I have to say my husband tells me I am a bag lady. I have a thing for tote bags!!!!

  11. I lug all my stuff around in a cheery yellow purse (bought at Goodwill, of course) that is simultaneously too large to carry and too small to fit everything I need (why is it that no matter how big your purse is, the contents automatically expand to fill it?) 😉

  12. Just discovered you today and subscribed. I lug my stuff around in a basket or red purse handmade by a neighbor’s daughter-in-law.

  13. “I lug all my stuff around in a Robin-Ruth shoulder bag my dear friend bought me.” I can never find anything so I need to go smaller for a while. lol

  14. …a crazy colorful purse, and a huge LLBean tote with purple handles that my wonderful mom got for me a few years ago, if I have to haul a lot. : ) And of COURSE I subscribe! Yessirre Bob!

  15. I lug all my stuff around in a worn out, used to be sorta trendy purse that is time to be retired! I definitely need something cute for the fall/winter.

  16. I carry all of my things around in a large purse. Since I don’t have kids at home any more, I keep thinking I don’t need so much in my purse any more, but things keep ending up back in it. I already subscribe to your blog.

  17. I lug all my stuff around in a cute lil phone wallet from target or with kiddos a vera bradley bag I got for $10 that is way cuter than a diaper bag. I’m always looking to up my style. I love what you wear/style!

  18. I carry everything around in a large purse. My other handbag accessory is a backpack for diapers! Essential when you walk nearly everywhere!

  19. I lug my stuff around in whatever I can get my hands on the quickest! Usually not the most trendy or cute….but I manage 🙂

  20. I am subscribed. I lug all my stuff around in a large purse or two. Usually two. Seriously, everywhere I go I usually have more than one bag with me.

  21. “I lug all my stuff around in a broken target bag that i bought over a year ago for $20. it is quite pathetic but it is the only bag i own!

  22. I carry my stuff in a $5 leather purse I got at a cute consignment store….I has a spray painted flower and I get tons of compliments!

  23. I carry most everything in a 31 bag – but the girls at work call me a bag lady cause I always have a tote or two with me.

  24. I lug all my stuff around in a cute, neutral dump purse that I no longer like because I can’t ever find my keys. I am soooo wanting some cute little organizational items to make the purse functional.

  25. I lug all my stuff in the Cindy Tote from 31 gifts that my bestie got for me! I love it!! It’s personalized with my first name first letter in a beautiful pink! It reminds me of her whenever I use it 🙂

  26. My fossil key per tote bag that after a couple years waiting to find one on super sale I finally got for less than half price! Fits everything I (and the kids) need. I am a subscriber and I really enjoy your blog. 🙂

  27. I subscribed via email. I haul all my things and my 4 kiddos things in a large and very well used canvas library bag. I need a grown up bag. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  28. Baby bag! Just had a new little one, so I’ve hung up my purses as I normally do when I’ve a newborn and toss everything into her bag and tote it around. At least it’s pink:)

  29. I lug all my stuff (as well as my children’s stuff and sometimes my husband’s) in a huge purse. Wear it until the straps start to fray… usually only a month or two. 😉

  30. Already a subscriber! I have a few great bags that I switch between, but my hubby really surprised me last month by picking out a purse as my birthday gift. WAY out of his comfort zone, and he got it exactly right! I love it.

  31. I lug everything around in my very large purse! I even had an older gentleman comment on the size of my purse at Wendy’s….made me smile!

  32. I lug all of my stuff around in one of my many totes/backpacks/purses. I have separate bags for church, bible study, the gym, preschool, etc. I just move my wallet from bag to bag so I don’t have to worry about everything else!

  33. I lug around all my stuff in a Vera Bradley diaper bag…. I try to carry a purse, but then I just have too many things to tote anywhere we go that day. So it’s wallet attached to keys, phone and baby essentials.

  34. I lug all my stuff around in a handbag. I am just so, so happy that I don’t have to bring a diaper bag anymore. My youngest is 3 {sniff, sniff} so I gave up my diaper bag 18 months ago. But I have 5 kids and the oldest is not quite 11 so for 9 years, the diaper bag was a permanent accessory.

  35. I can’t wait to get to know you and your family through this blog. I just subscribed and found you through :biblical homemaking”. I just got married and am acquiring tools to become the best mom I can be (one that phase of my life comes).
    Oh and I lug my stuff around in a big green backpack. 🙂 it has a mockingjay on it. From Hunger Games… I am still a kid at heart.

  36. I lug all my stuff around in a purse, a beat up 31 tote, and a laptop bag…I would love to be able to carry something cute since all my stuff is worn out! 🙂

  37. I’m already an email subscriber 🙂 I lug all my stuff around in one of my many 31 bags/ purses/ totes etc! I’m also a consultant so I have SO many and pick whichever ones fits the bill that day from school to going out etc!

  38. I lug all of my stuff around in a purse that I made myself. I’m very proud that I made something useful, and that it can withstand my everyday wear and tear…I’m horribly rough on my purses! Since it holds everything but the kitchen sink – it weighs 9 lbs.!! …my mother-in-law weighed it the last time I was at her house 🙂 – I need something sturdy that won’t fall apart in the middle of the street. I adore purses/bags/totes but find it hard to find something that meets all of my needs, hence the desire to figure out on my own how to make one. Don’t tell anyone that I don’t have the slightest clue what I’m doing…

  39. I have subscribed. I lug all my stuff in a very small shoulder purse. Which usually has most of my stuff hanging out of it!!!

  40. My kids call my purse: “the Mary Poppins bag” because it is big enough to carry everything but the kitchen sink. My bag has to be comfortable to carry, have lots of pockets for easy organization and have a good structure so it’s not too slumpy (is that even a word?).

  41. I’m a subscriber and I lug all my stuff around in a purse. I lug my babies stuff around in a diaper bag and I lug my 3 year olds stuff around in (his) backpack. When I’m feeling really crazy I’ll lug my hubby’s stuff around in my hands too. This is normal right?

  42. just subscribed! I lug stuff around in my purse and the overflow in the first reusable grocery bag I can find in the morning 🙂 thanks !!

  43. If lug my stuff around in a too small over the shoulder purse. I would love to find a bag that is over the shoulder style (hands-free) and something that would assist me in a desperate attempt to get organized. Maybe something you showcase will suit my fancy 😉 I just subscribed!

  44. I am already a subscriber. I lug all my stuff around in a messenger style bag. I have several sizes from small to way too big… ’em!

  45. “I lug all my stuff around in a black purse that my husband says looks like a diaper bag. I bought a new one this week because of him. I like a bigger purse though because you never know what you may have to shove in it from having five kids.

  46. I use a crossbody bag…hands free is the BEST for me. My kids still put their little hands in mine and that is the BEST feeling in the world!

  47. I’m a subscriber. I lug around all of my stuff in a large cheap tote. I feel like it’s going to break any second. I teach 1-year-olds at a daycare so I carry a lot of stuff around with me.

  48. I lug my stuff around in a backpack, lol but hey, I homeschool 3 boys and so they just don’t care about the ” girlie stuff” Plus when I need them to help carry things, they are much happier to carry my backpack than a purse. 🙂

  49. Right now, I am lugging my stuff around in a super cute and large black purse with these adorable flowers on it. Of course, one can never have too many super cute purses. Ahem.

  50. I lug all my stuff around in multiple bags…diaper bag, purse, lunch tote….I feel like I am moving in wherever I go! YIKES!

  51. I lug all my stuff around in a purse I designed myself! I am totally uncreative so it helps that 1154 Lill Studio in Chicago has it down to a simple science. It was pricey but we did it as part of a birthday celebration, we had a coupon and I get SO MUCH use out of it. But it’s quickly getting too small so I’ll have to upgrade to one of those big tote things.

  52. I am a new subscriber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I carry everything in an old raggedy leather bookbag. The straps are weak, but the emotional attachment is strong. 🙂

  53. my car its in sad shape with 5 kids and all there stuff it all winds up there lol!Btw I just found your blog so happy I did as another texas mommy of of 5!!

  54. I wish I had just one thing to lug around. I tend to lug lots of smaller bags, but most of it goes in my giant 2nd hand Frye purse. Unfortunately, the pocket situation is not all that great, so I find myself fumbling in the cold looking for my keys on a daily basis. The other things I routinely carry are, insulated bag for my lunch, lunch box for my son, and soccer bag slung over my shoulder for a lunch break run or workout.

  55. I lug my stuff around always in an across the body bag because my shoulder hurts carrying it on one. I have a ton of different shapes and sizes now

  56. I’m a new subscriber. I lug everything in 2 bags, a pocketbook for me and a 31 tote bag full of kid’s snack, diapers, wipes, etc. 😉

  57. I’m a subscriber!
    I have a teensy tiny collection of bags and purses so I swap them out every few weeks or so. At the moment, I lug all my stuff around in a Fossil cross body mini bag in teal leather. But my favorite is a bright yellow hobo from Big Budda that I found at TJ Maxx. I can fit EVERYTHING in that bag!

  58. I lug all of my stuff around in a diaper bag! And I will probably still use it after I no longer need a diaper bag. All of those pockets and organizing pouches… die for!

  59. I lug all my stuff around in a crossbody purse by “the sak”. But, I’m very close to picking up the diaper bag again (sigh) with baby #4 due to be here in 3 wks……I think I will carry a backpack this time. Just easier when wrangling other kids……but haven’t found a really cute one yet 🙂

  60. I just subscribed. Love the cute pictures of you with your children. What a blessing. Can’t wait to explore your blog more. I lug all my stuff around in a 31 tote. I just graduated from a diaper bag, but I still need a lot of little people stuff. Love the cute things you posted today.

  61. subscriber.
    lug all my stuff in anything and everything 31 from purses to wallets to totes. love 31!! but love these too!

  62. I lug all my brood’s things around I’m a blue, poppy-printed waterproof weekend bag. Because with cloth diapering, and 5 kids 8yr and younger, a diaper bag just doesn’t cut it anymore!

  63. I subscribed (I think)! I lug all my stuff around in a Kalencom diaper bag and occasionally a purse! Of course hardly anything I “lug around” belongs to me, lol…it’s my 3 girls’ paraphernalia.

  64. I lug all my stuff around in 2 bags!!!!!! no joke, I have a quited bag from another store that I use with all my calendars info, coupons etc.. and then a shoulder bag for me! Its crazy!!!

  65. I subscribed & am excited about your blog! I lug everything around in an over the shoulder bag. Kids are all school age now so the amount of stuff has dwindled. But some days I do have to carry a second polka dot bag depending on what we are doing or where we are going!

  66. I lug all my stuff around in a diaper bag. I have one year old twins and a two year old, and three teenagers… and a baby on the way lol I don’t think I’ll ever be without a diaper bag. By the time I don’t need a diaper bag, I might just be wearing diapers myself… 😉

  67. I lug all my stuff around in a purse. A purse that is functional but that I don’t love so yeah hopefully that is remedied on or around Christmas this year!

  68. I just subscribed! I lug all my stuff in multiple bags – a briefcase, gymbag, oversized purse….I guess I should just get a shopping cart!

  69. I lug all my stuff around in a giant handbag from Cato. It’s large enough & has plenty of compartments, not just one giant “black hole” lol. It’s a weird grayish color on the outside but a FABULOUS electric blue satin on the inside, so every time I open it I get a flash of color & that makes me happy 🙂

  70. I lug all my stuff around in a Fossil cross-body bag. I like the versatility of the adjustable strap that changes from a shoulder tote to a cross-body bag. And I subscribed in Day 1 of the giveaway. 🙂

  71. I lug all my stuff around in a large “pocketbook”. I’m a New Yorker and I just found out recently that ny woman are the only ones that still call it a pocketbook. So funny! I never even realized or thought about it before.

  72. Just subscribed! I lug all of my stuff around in the purse of the day. Nothing fancy or high end, but I usually switch it out on a daily basis….variety is the spice of life!

  73. I am a new subscriber girl! And I lug all my stuff around in a purse my husband bought me on the street in Thailand. It says “Prada” but I’m pretty sure it is NOT 🙂 love it though and get tons of compliments and “Your husband picked it out? Wow!” He is awesome like that!

  74. I lug all my stuff around in a ginormous tote! I switch between a few actually, but they’ve gotta be big and roomy. I could use something with some organization/pockets, but mine are typically just open so everything can get lost in the jumble in the bottom.

  75. I lug all my stuff in an oversized cross body bag I found at Kohls. Love it…but it gets quite cumbersome when I just want a quick run to Starbucks or somewhere that doesn’t require my huge bag! My kids make fun of my huge bag…but are always impressed when I can pull out of it anything they may need. It’s kinda like Mary Poppins. 🙂

  76. I subscribed and I lug all my stuff in a large tote bag. It has to be big enough to carry books, since I work in a library and am always lugging lots of those back and forth.

  77. I subscribed! I lug all my stuff around in my purse. My purse…. also known as a diaper bag, homework holder, germex carrier, toy car garage, little girl hair clip organizer, food storage bin and trash can.

  78. I am a subscriber. I lug all my stuff around in a reusable shopping bag. I have tons of them and always forget to take them to the store with me…so I get use out of them another way!

  79. I lugmy stuff around in a brown leather Petusco bag that I’m in love with very much ( I scored a super deal on it 🙂 )

  80. I lug my stuff around in a purse that is the size of a tote and seems to grow and grow until I have to carry everything around in only my wallet because my purse (affectionately called “The Baby”) is too heavy!

  81. Already a subscriber.

    I lug my stuff around in a pink kitty cat tote because my daughter is potty training. Wohoo!

  82. I lug my stuff around in a Thirty One tote… I have 3 kids under 3 and it holds all the stuff I need for a newborn, a potty training 1 year old and a 3 year old. But I have NO options for date night!

  83. I lug all of my stuff around in a Seatbelt Bag brand purse. Seriously the most durable purse I’ve ever owned and unique enough that I get comments on it all the time.

  84. i lug all my stuff around in a big ole leather purse. it’s beat up (but in a good way?) and is chock full of goodies. i’ve been known to lose things in it. 🙂

  85. I lug all my stuff around in a backpack because as a mom I need all the hands and hips I can get, and this is a great hands free option.

  86. I luh all my stuff around in a giant purse, and a gym bag (I look like a bag lady 70% of the time). Random question for you. Do you use a diaper bag? I’m expecting my first baby and diaper bags are a little meh. Got any suggestions on something amazing (the price & the look). Also, as a Mama post I would love to see some of the products and gear that you loved with your kidos.

  87. I lug all of my stuff around in a gigantic diaper bag (for now!) When the baby is a bit bigger, it’ll be lugged around in one of the two hundred purses I own. Or maybe a new one. Because I have a serious handbag addiction! My favorites are anything vintage-style. Or sparkly. Or both! Anyway, I love reading your blog and your instagram is a favorite 🙂 you go, girl! (Do people say that anymore? I’m getting old.)

  88. I lug all of my stuff in medium-sized purse. 😉 I’m extremely picky about my purses/totes/bags, etc. They have to be the right size (because I’m not a fan of very big bags), they have to have the right number of compartments (because everything must have a place or I’ll NEVER find it), they have to be the right color (because they must go with almost everything), and they have to look classy. Duh. 🙂 I have all of 4 purses, as a result. But you know what? Those 4 bags all cost me under $30 (even the J.Crew one!) and will last me for years if I want them to, as long as I keep rotating them. 🙂

    Oh, and I definitely subscribe!

    Thank you so much for all of these giveaways! They are amazing!!

  89. I already subscribe by email.

    I lug all my stuff around in a backpack/diaper bag. I’m close to NOT, but still not there! Sometimes, if I get to go out sans kids, I carry a red leather purse.

  90. I lug all my stuff around in a different bag every week! Sometimes a diaper bag, sometimes I insist I am a grown up and carry a large purse (to hold all the kiddo stuff) or even multiple bags for the multiple little people. I have yet to find any one bag I am completely satisfied with for most occasions, so I switch it out a lot. However, this also keeps the trash and build up of stuff from accumulating in my bag. Sorry for such a super long answer…

  91. I lug my stuff around in an across the shoulder satchel – though I am definitely past college, I can’t get over feeling like the cool kid in school as I sling that over my shoulder – part coffee shop hipster, part brilliant grad student look I must be going for 🙂

  92. I lug all my stuff in a giant purse that can hold everything I throw in it. Every week or so I empty it all out to see what sort of “treasures” I can find. Usually there are a lot of hair clips from my girlies.

  93. I lug my stuff all around in a uber-nerdy canvas library bag because I’m a homeschooling mama who desperately neeeeeds *whiny entitled voice that’s bearable because I’m just mocking myself* a messenger bag from the Pleated Poppy.

I love hearing from you guys!