Last weekend, I flew to Riverside California for a weekend vacation with Shaun who had been working on a software install all week.

I must be getting better at this whole packing business because I wore practically every article of clothing I brought (some of the…twice—gasp!), even though I had to pack for a wide range of temperatures (they ranged from a high of around 70 one day down to the 40’s at night).

When I left East Texas, it was about 45, and windy, so I started out like this:


(I’m becoming the queen of the airport-bathroom-mirror-right-next-to-a-trashcan shot).

When I got to Riverside, I changed into a dress (with tights and stripey shoes, naturally) for dinner:


It was probably upper 50’s at this point and getting colder fast, so the sleeveless look didn’t last long.

big chair

Now that’s a chair.

red ad black

Pardon the crazy blurry picture and bad lighting. Shaun had to go back in to work one afternoon, so I was left to my own devices for outfit documenting.

I spent the afternoon combing through an enormous indoor flea market and scored some fun things I could stuff in my suitcase (I‘ll show you more tomorrow…hopefully).

I also found this 1960’s jacket that, in combination with my red shirt and striped shoes, put off a seriously Elf vibe.


I took a poll on Instagram and Facebook, and everyone universally loved it and said I should buy it. I’m still wondering whether I should have, but I ended up passing because of a few small stains that I didn’t think would come out (after all, they’re 50 years old) and its $10 price tag (Goodwill prices have ruined me).

The next day, I attempted this skirt and sweater combo.


But I ended up having so many problems with static cling…


…that I gave up and changed into shorts.


{Yikes! Even more terrible lighting than the other one!}

I was back into pants and my warm coat for a round of ice skating.  This is right after my one and only (rather spectacular) fall,  and my hindquarters (not to mention my pride) are still smarting, so that smile is a bit forced.

ice skating        

I finished up the trip right back where I started: skinnies, boots, and blurry airport bathroom pics (complete with trashcan cameos).

I airport

It was an amazing weekend full of relaxation and eating (oh, so much eating) and fun. I’m not sure any of the clothes I wore still fit, but it was totally worth it.


A HUGE shout-out to my amazing mama (and dad) for watching all 5 of my children for 5 days. Now, that’s true love.

I’m off to finish unpacking (it always takes me several days to catch back up on all the laundry) and finish up my Christmas shopping.

So, tell me: are you already done with your shopping? Scrambling? Halfway there? I’d say I’m about 87% there. 🙂


  1. did you stay at the Mission Inn, try the Mexican restaurant with the outdoor dining and then go around the corner to the lttle cupcake shop? Did you make it to the section with all the dollhouses in the flea market? Your children would enjoy the crazy birds in their cage at the edge of the outside dining. and the bathrooms at the inn still have CLOTH towels. It is just a few miles down the freeway from us but it is still a terrific treat to spend an afternoon there.
    I hope you were treated with great hospitality while you were here.

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