Y’all. I’ve been sitting on these for a while.

But I’m so excited that I finally get to show you something my incredibly talented artist friend, Lindsay, and I worked on together (well, she did all the work; I just made borderline unintelligible suggestions) months ago.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we have 3 separate “M is for Mama” printables that you can print out for you or for one of the Mamas in your life (or both!).

These would make great, thoughtful gifts in a pretty frame, and the best thing is that they’re FREE!

More about that in a minute, but for now, let’s take a gander at them, shall we?

1. Chalkboard M is for Mama.


You’ve actually seen this one before when I did my lampshade makeover reveal (you can still vote if you haven’t already!)

chalkboard room


This one doesn’t even really need a frame. Just a cute little stand, and you’re good to go. But I think a vintage gold frame with pretty filigreed edges would be gorgeous.


2.  Floral M is for Mama.


This one was originally done in watercolor on cream-colored paper and is just so pretty and feminine.

floral closeup1

I love it in this chunky green frame to add a bit of funk to its softness, but you could also go full-on girly with an ivory frame (or, again, gold…because, hello, gold!).

floral group

3. Striped M is for Mama.

stripes 1 

This one’s a bit more modern, and I love it with a contrasting aqua frame.



Each one is hand drawn and lettered and is a completely unique work of art just for y’all. (P.S. If you ever need a portrait—or anything else—commissioned, Lindsay is beyond amazing. I’ve never seen such realistic renderings and beautiful lettering! You can see tons of her designs and completed works of art here! Be sure to give her like for me!)

And, no, I don’t think you have to have a blog called “M is for Mama” to display this simple declaration of identity. Nor do I think these should only be displayed on Mother’s Day. Honestly, like I said in my original “M is for Mama” post, motherhood is an identity worth claiming and celebrating all year round!

So, how do you get your hands on the prints?

Mama collage

Just sign up to receive email updates (make sure you confirm or you won’t actually get the link to the printables), and you’ll have a way to access all three printables the next time you receive an email update from my blog.

BUT WAIT. There’s MORE! (Did you hear a used car salesman right then? Yeah, me too)

2 of you lucky ducks will win a set of all three prints. You can keep some, gift some, or any combination thereof.

Here’s how you enter to win:

step 1

Just enter your email address:

Enter your email address:

**Be sure to confirm your subscription when you see the welcome message in your inbox, and then come back to complete STEP 2.

{Already a subscriber? Skip to Step 2}

step 2 update

Simply leave a blog comment telling me what “M” word best describes you as a mom (you could also do your own mom). Feel free to explain if you’d like! 🙂

And THEN share this post on Facebook.

P.S. I know not all of you have FB accounts. I will honor a share on any social media account, so Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. are welcome. Just leave me a comment letting me know where you shared.


  1. The m word for my mom is motivated. She raised and homeschooled six of us AND did daycare and I honestly have no idea how she managed. She’s awesome.

  2. I’m already a subscriber but I think I missed the email with the link to print. Is the link on every email you send out or did I miss out completely? Love these!

    1. Hi Rebekah, the link is in every email that you receive as a subscriber, yes. It should be in a little introductory paragraph before the main body of the post. Let me know if you still don’t see it! 🙂

      1. Thank you for responding! There are so many blogs where it’s impossible to get a response, but you always take the time to answer questions. It printed perfectly, I love it, and I’ll be reminded of you and your blog every time I see it. 🙂

  3. M is for mastering. Because there is always an area of my life I am trying to master- improve in, conquer.

  4. M is for memories. I’m thankful for my child who is in Heaven and for the blessing of one here on earth. God has been good!

  5. Definitely memories, I am always wanting to make memories with my magnificent marvelous beautiful children. I savor every moment I spend with them and marvel at their differences. The way my Heavenly Father created them! Though I love a clean home and always want everything perfect, I love my children to be in the kitchen with me, though I know messes will come. I also know they will
    remember mom letting them make cookies that weren’t edible. I love to scour yard sales for old furniture to redo it’s my passion and yet when my babies want to paint I hand over the brush. I frame their work and hang it on my walls as they are masterpieces. I cherish moments with my blessings from God because I know soon my babies will grow up and I will have my memories and they will have the memories and they will carry on the love and I will begin to make memories with their children my grandchildren!

  6. So many magnificent “M” words to choose from…I’m gonna have to go with MESS. ; )
    Mud pies, mountains of laundry, mustaches made of marmalade…(not to give the wrong impression – we’re fairly neat & clean) however life w the marvelous miracles is messy & fun & beautiful all wrapped into 1 amazingly wild ride.
    We only get 1 go round – it might as well be a good one!

  7. My mama is Magnificent! <3
    Signed up for the newsletter, and going to share on FB. As a mama to 4, I can SO relate to your post. Thanks for sharing your life with us! Btw, I love your honesty. It shows how life with multiples really is! 😉 haha

  8. I asked my littles what my “M” word might be…that could have been a mistake! Apparently I’m muffin (ok maybe, we do bake a lot) and muskrat. Not sure how I feel about that one! Love the watercolor print for my office/mom cave so I’m crossing my fingers!

  9. I am not a Mama, but of course, I have a fabulous one! She is Mirthful:) She always knows how to make people feel comfortable in any given situation, has a loud and contagious laugh, and always has a good line or comeback to share:)

  10. Subscribed and shared. The M word to describe me as a mom is meaningful. I hope to have inspired, loved, taught and most of all be a living example to my children as my mother has for me. I am trying to treasure and be present in the moments shared. I try to shake off the stressful parts…they won’t last forever.

  11. I pinned and shared on FB! An “m” word that describes me as a mom would be marvel as well. Some days I can’t believe the blessing of my four girls was given to us 😉

  12. K, I was already signed up but I pinned your art. The M word that discribes my life as a mom (not so much me really) is Marvel. I often find myself in complete awe of my two beautiful little girls. When the three year old sings worship songs word for word along with the radio or when the little one grins and bounces and waves when I walk in a room… i just truly marvel sometimes at God giving them to ME!

  13. The “M” word that best describes me as a mom? I would say merry 🙂 my little on is just starting to laugh out loud at things, so I am always giggling and trying to find ways to make her giggle.

  14. What “M” word describes me as s mom? Hmmmm? I will have to go with musical. We seem to have praise and worship music on all the time right now. Mostly to help me keep what is left of my sanity. 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!