Ezra, Simon, and Della spend pretty much every Friday night at my mom’s house. Sweet, right? (In both the surfer-dude and the man-that’s-so-nice-of-her sense).

And even though that means that I still have two kids at home with me, it feels like a break.

Plus, it gives Shaun and me a better shot at having a date night if we really want to try hard enough.

Which…we rarely do. We almost never hire babysitters, and, honestly, by Friday night, we’re usually both so beat that my bringing home our favorite Thai food after running errands with the twins is the highlight of our evening.

But last week, we were both going a little stir-crazy. I hadn’t gone to “town,” so there was no Thai food to be had, and the thought of rummaging through the fridge for leftovers wasn’t doing it for either one of us.

So, we drove to “town” (this is seriously what we call the closest city to us) and ate at a new restaurant that I’d been to just the week before for Mandy’s birthday.

tuscan slice

{Skinnies: Goodwill, Top: GW, Button-up: Old Navy (a while back), Boots: MIA (ooooold)}

I threw on this little ditty, feeling bad because I wasn’t so sure Shaun would love it–kind of a bummer for him since I usually spend my Friday nights decked out in workout clothes or, better yet, a ratty tank top and yoga pants. So, if I’m going to get dressed up, it might as well be his style, right?

tuscan slice1

But he ended up declaring it a hit. Apparently, the neutral colors and overall comfy look beat out his distaste for layers, ruffles,  and all other forms of sartorial frou-frou (I’ve talked about this before, but if he had his way, I’d be dressed in a simple tee and worn-in jeans more often than not). tuscan slice3

For my part, I was a fan of the flowy top + stretchy jeans combo, which let me consume my fair share of some seriously delicious spinach/artichoke dip and wood-fire pizza and did an admirable job of disguising my then-32-week-pregnant bump.

Miraculously enough, even though the twins went with us and even though we gave them pretty much free rein of our huge booth (which meant lots of climbing in and out of what’s left of my lap), I managed to emerge with hardly a trace of pizza sauce or mozzarella grease on my cream-colored shirt.

Now, that’s a date night outfit win!

Do you guys shoot for regular date nights, or are they pretty hit and miss? Honestly, putting the twins to bed and collapsing on the couch next to my favorite person with a plate full of yummy food I didn’t cook and a good movie to watch feels pretty date-nightish most weeks. But it’s always nice to shake things up, even if there are still a couple of twin monkeys along for the ride.

Does your husband have a “look” he loves on you? Fortunately for me, even though Shaun definitely has preferences, he tends to be pretty complimentary no matter what. Good, good man.

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  1. Where is your bag from? I saw one of your posts on Insta saying that it’s much less expensive than a brand name one.
    Also I saw in some of your posts that you have some of the Pioneer Woman dishes, flea market items. How are they holding up?
    Would you let me know, please?:) Thank you!!

    1. Hi, Miriam! This particular bag is not the one that I mentioned in the Insta post, but that one is similar (I actually like it better because it’s easier to find things in), and it’s from Amazon. You can see it in more detail in this post. https://misformama.net/2016/01/a-near-perfect-leather-tote-at-13-of-the-price-of-the-madewell-transport-tote.html.

      And my Pioneer Woman items are holding up great! I don’t put a lot of wear on them, but I do use the glasses a lot, and they’re great. I do know others that have had issues, but mine have all been great!

      1. Thank you so much for answering my questions!
        I’ve been enjoying your Instagram feed and blog, by the way! It’s so refreshing to see pictures and comments of down to earth people like you! I love your style and you are inspiring me to be a better mom to my five littles!
        Thanks again!!:)

  2. We are regular daters! Even if it means waiting until 10pm after all the kids are asleep to sneak away to a movie we’ve been dying to see, sneaking to a meal after hitting the gym, or locking ourself in our room and telling everyone to pretend we aren’t home and having a movie marathon day, whatever it may be we have a date once a week. We have a 13 year old, 12 year old, and 3 year old but my husbands parents love with us which gives us options

  3. Nope, we’re pretty hit-and-miss. I’d love a regular date night but with 4 kids and 1 on the way, it’s a) too expensive and b) too exhausting!! Ah well, I also enjoy lounging in my comfy pants with a movie once the kids are all in bed 🙂 My husband is pretty good when it comes to clothes – he likes almost everything I wear!

    1. I’m in the same boat! We have 4 and one due early February. We do not live near family so finding time and a sitter willing to take my 4 is not easy!

  4. So now that you have # 6 on the way, what do you guys plan to do for automobile situation? Or will your current vehicle fit 4 car seats?

I love hearing from you guys!