Currently crushing on…

1. This yogurt.


It’s practically better than ice cream. Especially now that we’ve got the Holy Grail of all ice cream–Blue Belle Homemade Vanilla–back in stock in our area, and it just. doesn’t. taste. the. same. (Shaun and I both get hints of an onion aftertaste now, which is: a) disturbing and b) disgusting).

Of course, the yogurt is made even better when paired with…

2. This granola (and some berries).


I still honestly prefer my homemade version, but when I don’t have time to drive across town to the health food store for sesame seeds, Bear Naked is a yummy (and relatively healthy) easily accessible option (I get mine at Walmart).

3. This amazing deal on little girl boots.


Yup. $9.99 each and free shipping on orders over $25. (There are more styles than the ones featured in that pic). I stocked up for the girls for this fall and still spent less than I would have on one pair of boots at retail. Woot!

4. These sunglasses


They’re not cheap. I bought mine secondhand, and they STILL weren’t cheap. But you know what?


I haven’t lost them. Or scratched them up.  Or let the twins get their grubby mitts on them. And that pic above is from Instagram, which informs that I’ve had them for at LEAST 30 weeks. Which, sadly, has got to be some kind of record for me. It turns out that, for me at least, knowing how much I paid for a pair of sunglasses really does motivate me to keep up with them.

6. Les Mills Grit.

I’ve been a fitness instructor for 9 years. But I’ve never taught anything quite this intense, and I have to admit that I love it. And hate it. But mostly love it. 🙂

7. This phone case


Okay, in all fairness, I don’t HAVE this one yet (it’s on its way in the mail). But I love the look of it, and I have one that is exactly the same concept with a rubbery inner layer and a hard shell outer layer that I’m convinced has saved me from smashing my screen to bits many times over (not to mention protecting it juuuust long enough for me to snag my phone out of the toilet when it fell out of my waistband and plopped right in as I was leaning over to give Theo a bath).

Runners up: Audible (I think I’ve listened to 4 books in the last month) and One Year Bible Online (either Shaun or I read to the kids every morning, and I love being able to do it on my phone).

Anything you’re crushing on lately?


  1. I know it sounds really gross, but I know why the ice cream tasted like onions. I live on a dairy farm and we used to milk cows 2x a day almost all year round. During the spring, the cows eat the wild onions that grow in the fields and it often transfers to their milk, thereby giving it an onion aftertaste. Kind of disgusting, but at least it’s a natural occurrence haha. Hope that helps! Even though this is almost a year late.

  2. Do you need a code for the free shipping for the boots? My total is more than $25,can’t find free shipping.

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